Angel, adored by her fans, started her career 20 years ago in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. Angel has the interesting fortune of being a dual citizen of the United States and The Bahamas, so she often enjoys the best of both worlds!

Angel has held a number of positions over her radio career, in a variety of music formats, from Classic Old School to Mainstream Top 40. Angel's resume touts stints as, Studio Engineer, Talk Show Producer, Sales Executive, Promotions Director, Music Director and Programming Director, all while maintaining an on air presence as an informative, funny and engaging Radio Personality. Angel loves to entertain and inform her listening audience.

Here's what her fans think;

"Angel is a strong vibrant personality on the radio. her style, sense of humor, intelligence and amazing voice, makes you want to wake up and tune in just to hear what she will say or what you will learn today."

Angel holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and continues to pursue her Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology, while also teaching in Louisiana. Thankfully for us, her deep love for great music and good times keeps her committed to radio broadcasting, and today she is a proud part of the Smooth Choice Radio family!

Enjoy Angel weekdays from 6pm to 10pm central standard time.